Bubbles we're flying at 'Shark In The Park' last night and I remarked on air this morning how it reminded me of 'The Lawrence Welk Show'. WOW! The comments that flooded our Facebook feed we're astounding! Here are some of my favorites.

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Did U watch this show as a kid?

When I slept over at my great grandmother's house, I had to sleep on her couch cuz she had a one bedroom. She would have this on the tv, and start off saying "go to sleep," with my face toward the back of the couch. She'd eventually give in and let me watch. Great memory this morning - thank you!! - Cheryl

With my Gramp while eating our windmill cookies or sherbert 

Frank Yankovic played the accordion on an 8-track "Yankovic meets Lawrence Welk". We had a music store in Fitchburg, MA in the early 70's and had guests from the show come and perform (Bob Ralston was a regular) compliments of the Baldwin Piano Co. ❤️We were required to serve bubbles (Cold Duck-Yuck!) to attendees. At Christmas, we'd get Lawrence Welk musical spoons. We also had Ferrante & Teicher albums, which I loved. We played with those musical spoons all the time. - Jennifer

A one-a and a two-a! Had to watch it every week, my folks loved it. Henry Cuesta on clarinet, that guy could swing.- Pete

The following comment rang very true to yours truly!

Remember it well but avoided watching it if possible - Doug

It was unavoidable at 7:30pm every Saturday night in the 1970's. I once hatched a plan to visit my great grandmother at the time of it airing, thinking that it WOULD'NT  be on her TV. My 4 year old brain knew nothing about demographics as it was her favorite show too.

Let us end this 'wunnerful' episode with these lyrics that were written completely from memory

Good night. Sleep tight. And pleasant dreams to you. Here’s a wish, and a prayer that every dream comes true. And now till we meet again! Adios Au revoir Auf Weidersehn! Good night!! 

Note...my son took German in school so he helped me with the auf weidersehn. Lol

Thanks Sue!

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