It's fun, great exercise and absolutely free. There is no conventional method to catch a leaf and once you try it, win or lose, you'll become obsessed.

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The photo above was taken just seconds after my three nephews caught these three leaves within just a few seconds of each other. Similar to a triple play in baseball, but, in my humble opinion, a more rare feat.

The storm system that toppled trees and caused 60,000 power outages due to powerful gusts of wind may have been horrible for NH homeowners, but it was ideal for leaf catching yesterday.

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Usually I wait until November to catch leaves because that is when the oak leaves begin to tumble. Trying to catch maple leaves right now is almost impossible for anyone over the age of 25.

Caleb (left in the first photo) can snag them but you need to run very fast AND have the quickness to dive in a swirling motion to grab them right before they hit the ground.

Oak leaves are larger and slower therefore people who are also larger and slower can catch them (but it's still really tough).

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Victory is mine!