The Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest has something for everyone.

Whether you're a newbie, experienced climber, or if the sport has been calling your name for a while, and you just want to hang out to see what goes into such an extreme adventure, this festival weekend is your perfect chance to bundle up and see what the exhilaration is all about.

Talk about a New England tradition that can catapult you to amazing adventures around the world.

Just jumping online to the festival site, you find out that safety is paramount. You're in extremely experienced hands with professional athletes, certified guides, and seasoned veteran climbers leading clinics and guided climbs.

First of all, you'll need to carve out the weekend of February 4-6 in North Conway, New Hampshire. You can just hang out with friends and enjoy clinics together, or, if your tribe isn't into this, just sign up on your own and get ready to meet new, like-minded friends.

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From "Ice Climbing 101" to "Women Learn to Lead," as well as "Mixed Climbing" to "Intro to Steep Ice," there are a total of 21 clinics for first-timers to advanced.

This festival also boasts shows and get-togethers, at night with food and drink, so you can mingle with other New Englanders and beyond.

And too cool when a sport uses the word badassery in describing it on its website.

"A hallmark of the Mt. Washington Valley Ice Fest, the evening slideshows not only give us an opportunity to connect with old friends, meet new friends and drink delicious Tuckerman beer ... but we all get inspired by the stories of the trials, tribulations, and badassery of notable climbers."


What about the equipment you ask?  Well, there is plenty to demo with a myriad of companies on hand.

Click on this Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest link for everything you need to know, and then some.

Are you ready to tackle the extreme sport?  Good luck, stay safe, and have fun.

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