You've got to hear the reaction of thousands of Pats fans when Tom Brady jogged onto the training camp field just a few minutes ago. It's as awesome as it is hilarious.

Finally, after almost 6 months since The New England Patriots had their Super Bowl Parade (Feb 5th), their adoring fans get to see them once again.

It takes awhile for the audio of this amazing annual spectacle to get to a fever pitch but as Tom gets closer to the throngs of Pats Nation, it sounds like Beatlemania.

In my humble opinion, there is no more exciting change in the seasons than the one we will witness over the next 5 weeks.

I'm not talking about Summer to Fall, I'm talking about baseball to football!

From 162 games that last for 4 hours to 16 games that are action packed?

Bring it!

I'd also think that the very slow paced and extremely disappointing Red Sox have contributed to the enthusiasm of today's Foxborough crowd.

The Shark will broadcast The Patriots first preseason game against Detroit in just TWO WEEKS!


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