Manchester's Recycled Percussion has hidden one thousand dollars somewhere in New Hampshire and is providing clues where anyone can find it.

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Facebook - Recycled Percussion

There is a lot of money literally waiting to be found in New Hampshire right now.

Manchester-based band Recycled Percussion has hidden away $1,000 somewhere in New Hampshire for a scavenger hunt. Anyone who finds it gets to keep the money (and gets front row tickets to their next show in the state.

"Let's do it!!!!!!!!! New Hampshire this is for ONE lucky person.... I wanted to say thank you for all the incredible support you always give us. I know many people out there could use $1,000 in cash!!!! To pay bills, but food, or just get some debt paid off. Obviously we can't hand money to everyone so I wanted to make this a fun challenge. It's simple!!! Find the $1,000 first and it's yours!"

The first clue has already been revealed, while the second one will be released at 6 p.m. Wednesday night. The band told fans on their Facebook page that the game will begin Thursday night.

The First Clue: It's somewhere within an 11 mile radius of the Radisson Hotel in Manchester.

It will be interesting to see who will be the fastest and find the cash first. Hopefully it all doesn't end in violence, but who knows when that kind of easy money is on the line. Either way, this is an awesome show of thanks for 20 years of support.

Recycled Percussion has gained national esteem for their unique take on music where they use anything from power tools to buckets to make music. The band started at a high school talent show in Goffstown, New Hampshire and now plays shows in Las Vegas.

The full post from the band can be found below:

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