There was a time, not too long ago, when people on the Seacoast of NH thought the Press Room in Portsmouth would never open their doors again.  According to their website and commonly reported in the news, the building was sold and the new owners were not sure if they would be able to renovate because of the costs involved, but after months and months, The Press Room opened their doors once again this weekend to super-pumped patrons who ate, drank and enjoyed some WORLD CLASS musicians upstairs on the second level of the building.

Part of the renovations for the music space was to vault the ceiling and create a balcony.  It was standing room only for the performers who were invited to play by Ryan Parker and the Seacoast Jazz Society.  


On the stage last night were world-class musicians that gave an intimate performance to a packed house.  The guitarist, Kurt Rosenwinkle, was mind-blowing.  To think that we have a venue with that kind of talent is such a treat!  Every guitar player in the area was there to hear them from NH, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont.  Such a fun night!

Don't miss the Sunday Night Jazz series at the Press Room.  If you're not in to jazz, the food and the atmosphere is great too.



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