And I don't mean the depiction of the USS Raleigh, (built in Portsmouth by the way!). I mean, is something terribly wrong here?

Train Images

It's Upside Down

Does this mean that we are under attack from Quebec? Could we possibly be annexing with Vermont to form a more perfect syrup super state just in time for sugaring season?

I ain't no vexillologist. And I don't have time to phone Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

What it means is, the last person who put the flag up at The Bob Fuller Media Center (possibly me) didn't pay enough attention and inverted it accidentally.

Train Images

In the interest of time, I did a quick flip on the image manager and Voila!

As far as the real thing, I better get out there and turn it around for real before the Governor comes in to celebrate The Shark Morning Show with Sarah and A-Train Anniversary next week.

That could get a bit awkward .