Talk about determination. This WMUR-TV report about a Spaulding High class ring that was found after a 53 year search has me beaming with Raider Pride.

Congratulations to The Rowell's of Barrington for some 'glass half full' ingenuity,  treasure hunting in a pond that's half empty.

Back in 1967, Steve Rowell's class ring flew off his hand while he skipped rocks at Drew's Pond located on the North side of Route 9.

After decades of searching through all seasons, they never gave up hope that one day it would be found.

Since the pond is at a near record low level due to the extreme drought, Steve's wife Kathy asked for help from their neighbor Tom Greco who has a metal detector.

They painstakingly searched the area, dredging up bucket after bucket of muck, finding several items until alas, the search for gold was successful! Talk about a eureka moment!

I received a metal detector for Christmas when I was 14 and the gold setting screams when you hit pay dirt. Of course, the only gold I ever tried it on was the edges of my parents Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedias.

It makes perfect sense that the ring looks as pretty as it did in 1967, as gold is THE most non-reactive of all metals, it's completely immune to any oxidation and will not discolor, rust or tarnish.

And the quality of any Josten's ring is the 'gold standard' as we New England Patriots fans know all too well.

I can't imagine how excited they all must have been in that moment.

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