According to the Patch, we will be getting a few inches of snow Thursday in to Friday, then another storm brings ice turning in to 7 - 10 inches of snow on Sunday.

We really haven't had a lot of snow this winter yet, so I suppose that we're due for some.  Besides, there are a whole bunch of winter activities you can do with your family either inside or out.

For a good inside idea, in a previous blog, I mentioned that my family plays Yahtzee.  I admit, in the beginning it feels really old fashioned, but once you get in to it, it's really fun.  Why not bond a little bit with your kids if you're all cooped up inside?  I will only say "uncle" when and if the power goes out.  If that happens, then we have to find the nearest restaurant and pray that their power is up and running or, at the very least, have a generator.  Lucky for me, the closest restaurant to me is The Tuckaway in Raymond.  If you don't know about that place, it's heaven and, unfortunately, everyone knows it.  Kinda wish we had that place all to ourselves.


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