There is just something special about the sound of a great song coming off vinyl vs. a CD, or worse, a streaming playlist where bit rates can often reduce the sonic quality of the music.

Also, who doesn't miss holding music in your hands, the album art, the liner notes? Some are absolutely iconic.

OK, maybe lots of people don't really care, but for us music nerds, vinyl is special, and seeking out the classics (we aren't talking reissues at Barnes and Noble) is the best!

Here are 5 can't miss spots in the southern half of New Hampshire (and nearby Massachusetts) where you can get records:

Bull Moose in Portsmouth, NH: If you're looking for a wide variety of genres, a blend of vinyl, CD, video + fun accessories this downtown spot has it goin' on.

Skeletone in Rochester, NH: This is a real rock n' roll lovers record store (you'll find cassettes here, too), and it has a great selection of vintage rock band t-shirts.

Record Exchange in Salem, MA: There's an immense collection of vinyl from LPs to 45s and plenty of rare finds and great prices.

Dyno Records in Newburyport, MA: There's lots of history here as the shop has offered jazz to blues to rock for more than 40 years, plus musician supplies.

Pitchfork Records in Concord, NH: There's a huge selection of rare vinyl, stereo equipment, vintage posters and more! A gem!

Where do you like to go to get your records? What do you like to play your music on? Vinyl? CDs? Digital?

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