The good news is, no black flies were actually used in the making of this ice cream.


There are a few things Mainers know to expect when March rolls around. And craving ice cream is one of them!


We all know and love Gifford's Ice Cream. Not just Mainers either, Gifford's is a New England favorite. Before I get you drooling over the new flavors, I'm gonna get you excited about the family-owned Gifford's Ice cream stands opening Friday, March 18. Bangor, Farmington, and Waterville will be scooping ice cream and if you have to wear a coat, hat, and scarf - it's worth it. The Skowhegan and Auburn stands will be opening soon.

Now let's talk about the new flavors for 2022!

  • Blue Monstah Cookie - Wild blue vanilla ice cream crisscrossed with peanut butter ripple then studded with little chocolate chip cookie dough pieces and mini M&Ms. Available at stands now!
  • Cone-y Pretzel Whirl - Chocolate-coated waffle cone pieces and a pretzel ripple jazz up our vanilla ice cream. Available at stands now!
  • Maine Black Fly (Vanilla Strawberry Ripple Chip) - Homemade strawberry ripple in sweet vanilla ice cream dotted with mini chocolate chips.No actual flies.  Available at stands now!
  • Banana Cream Pie - Lush banana ice cream with vanilla wafer cookies and sweet whipped cream whirls. Coming to stands later this spring!
  • Black Forest Cherry Fudge - Cherry whirls in dark chocolate ice cream with fudge truffles. Coming to stands later this spring!
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Those are the flavors hitting the stands. But what if you never make it to the stands but still want some new Gifford's? You're in luck because there are three more delicious flavors hitting stores later this spring

  • Banana Cream Pie - Lush banana ice cream with vanilla wafer cookies and sweet whipped cream whirls
  • Turtle Cheesecake - Velvety cheesecake ice cream with thick caramel swirls, crunchy praline pecans & chocolate-coated waffle cone pieces
  • Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie - Smooth peanut butter ice cream chunked up with chewy brownie bites & ripples of fudge

Ya gotta love Gifford's still making ice cream from scratch using local farm milk and cream. I'm gonna plow through these. Which one will you try first?



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