A Lisbon Public Works Employee is being recognized for his kind actions Thursday, according to WGME Channel 13.

Act's of kindness take place every day but we don't always notice them. When we do it is important to spread that act to others because it's contagious.

Kindness is contagious and the more people who witness these simple acts, the more they will take place.

A random and heartwarming service occurred right here in Central Maine, recently. When Lisbon Public Works employee, Johnny Westleigh was putting up decorations on Main Street and suddenly, he noticed something. An elderly lady coming towards the sidewalk. The sidewalk was uneven due to construction.

Johnny approached this woman, offering her his arm. That takes me back to the times when gentlemen existed and this proves they still do.

The lady accepted his arm and they walked along the sidewalk together smiling at each other. A photo was captured, you can check it out here. They were smiling and spent several moments with each other. It was beautiful to witness this magic moment.

Thank you to all of the, "Johnny's" out there helping others feel safe and secure in our neighborhoods.

This proves that we look out for each other and our community is solid.

Johnny was recognized by The Lisbon Economic and Community Development on  Facebook.

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