This past week, I was in three beautiful New England states and couldn't decide which one is prettier.

IMG_1730 (1)

On Friday night, we went up to Portland, Maine and visited some of our favorite places.  Can't go to Maine without a lobster roll, so we got one of those first:


Then to Congress Square for a free Dance Troupe show that was FABULOUS!!  The Nevaeh Dance Circus was completely entertaining from the hula hoop act to the acrobatics to the costumes.  All free right there in Congress Square.  Man, I love Portland.



On Sunday, we went to Vermont and saw a farm stand with pumpkins!!  TOO EARLY, Vermont!  It was another beautiful day in New England.


You might be able to figure out which state is which by the picture, but I'm not gonna tell you.  Suffice it to say that I love New England - no matter what state I'm in.

Bub-bye, Summer.  It sure has been fun!

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