Have you noticed that owners and pets look very similar? This happens everywhere, even in Maine. Is it because the longer you have your pet the more you both morph into each other? Let's be honest, pets aren't just pets, they are our family. They know our emotions, can read our queues, watch us poop, and make us feel loved, sometimes even better than our human friends and family do. They count on us for love and they define innocence.

I published a post recently on Facebook, posing the question, "Do you look like your pet?" I encouraged everyone to send photos and received amazing responses. It made me wonder why we love our pets so much, what we put them through, and how much we are really alike?

I was shopping at the outlet stores in Freeport Maine once and saw a man with his chihuahua dressed in matching three-piece suits. Now that's a party. I love seeing a hairy sheepdog with a matching hairy owner. I wonder if they groom each other?

And how about when the owner and animal dress alike? Jackpot! It's similar to when you call your friend the night before school to plan matchy-match outfits.

Pets and owners are more bonded than ever before. Owners sometimes cook higher quality meals for their pets than for themselves. Poached egg with a side of rich people chicken coming up for Duke!

According to Good Morning America on Youtube, "Dogs have personalities based on how their owners treat them."

Now I am not a psychiatrist or pet scientist but, this makes complete sense, you are with your animal almost all of the time and there is a connection that occurs when you bond with your pet, it's as if your essence and likeness meld with there's.

They also featured a video on CBS Sunday Morning on when our pets look like us.


When you move, they move (just like that)

When you talk, they respond (just like that)

When you fart, they leave (immediately)

It's a beautiful thing.

I especially like when they do their hair similarly.


CBS Sunday Morning via Youtube Channel
CBS Sunday Morning via Youtube Channel

When you morph with your fur baby, others notice that connection as well.

My cat's name is Sir Benedict Cumberbatch but we call him Charlie for short, (I was a big fan of The Hobbit and Marvel movies)


Lizzy via Cell
Lizzy via Cell

Here I am with Charles. It was early, he was in a mood. He's British.

The comments on the post I published on Facebook, received these photo responses below!

Do you think these owners look like their pets?

Maine Owners that Look Like Their Pets

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