A lot of us Mainers are into True Crime, Cold Cases being Re-opened, and Dateline. My wife and I watched Dateline every morning together. Justice is so important, especially right now within our current environment.

We are constantly seeking truth. If you're like me, and you like to climb into the rabbit holes of unsolved mysteries, then here is a real-life cold case that is currently being renewed by the Maine State Police.

According to News Center Maine, the police are revisiting the case of Vincent La Vopa on the anniversary of when he was last seen alive. Let's hope they solve it.

"On November 27, 1985, La Vopa was last seen getting his mail at his home in Arundel, according to police officials," the news station reported. "Approximately 10 days later, on December 7, his body was found partially covered in snow in the woods of Arundel."

As we all know, when a crime first takes place, the investigators always first look at the people closest to the victim.

An article by the Portland Press Herald stated that La Vopa did have a "turbulent" relationship with his girlfriend and they had a "domestic disturbance" about a week before his death took place. La Vopa also did have troubles with tenants, according to the newspaper.

1985 was 36 years ago, and we have come a long way with technological progress. Also, a lot of crimes that were said to be unsolvable many years ago are met with new technological advancements like DNA testing that are now solving cold cases.

We will keep a close eye on this and see what the Maine State Police can uncover and hope that the late Mr. La Vopa and his family can have closure and secure justice for the crime committed to him.

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