From living in the Midwest at one point, I realize that that speed limits can be 'relative.'

For example, driving on i80 in Ohio, you might be cruising along and look down to Discover you are doing 90, and cars are still blowing right by you.

Here in New England, however, that is not the way we do things. 

This past Saturday evening, a driver was clocked driving through Wells at 127mph in a 70 mph zone, according to a Facebook post from the Maine State Police.

That means this nice young person was driving 57 miles over the posted speed limit.


The Maine State Police said the driver was "cited appropriately for the speed."

Does that mean a ticket or an arrest?


I am sincerely hoping that the driver had an emergency and was not just driving at that speed for some reason other than out of recklessness.

What are your thoughts on this?

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