It's absolutely incredible how excited Maine gets over anything related to the fair. Ask them what their favorite fair ride is and they go absolutely off the rails.

I took a poll on air and on social media to find out what Maine's favorite fair ride is overall, and I'm actually pretty damn shocked.

The most beloved ride during the fair season is the Graviton. Yes, this is the one that literally pins you against the wall by spinning you around so fast inside a spaceship you can't breathe.

This is Maine's favorite ride? You picked this? This ride gives me terrible anxiety; anyone else? I mean it literally feels like your organs are being squashed inside your body until the ride stops and you have no other choice but to just wait.

It also always scared me that there were no seatbelts on this thing, but don't let me sound like a mom.

There are so many other cool rides I'm excited for at the fair this season that I would have gone for before the Gravitron.

I mean, I could name 3 right off the bat. The scrambler. The Ferris Wheel that lets you see the entire fairgrounds. For some reason, even the pirate ship gets me going before the Graviton. There's nothing quite like feeling like you're gonna die as you plummet to the ground, only to be lifted up again to do it all over.

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