In a sea of TV cooking competitions, there has always been one that really sticks out - mostly because of the person who hosts it.

Of course, we are talking about FOX TV's "MasterChef," which is hosted by soccer pro (footballer?) turned chef Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay definitely has an *ahem* way with the contestants.

Now, it looks like a woman from Maine will be going face-to-face with Chef Ramsay himself.

According to WABI, 44-year-old Nina Interlandi Bell of Woolwich will be appearing on the upcoming season of the hit show.

In the interview, she talked about her thoughts on Maine cooking.  She explained that "Maine" cooking is all about cooking with what you have on hand and trying to be as creative as you can.

She said to the tv station, in part:

Maine cooking for me is all about using whatever you have access to. Whatever you have in your yard, whatever your fisherman friend just pulled in at the wharf, whatever you’ve got lurking at the bottom of your freezer that you didn’t finish after last year’s hunting season

When she was asked what it was like to cook for Gordon Ramsay, she said that she loves constructive criticism.  She feels it is the only way to get better.

Bell is all over Youtube and social media.

And, she just released a book about finding food called "Foraging For The Rest of Us," according to WABI.

Catch a new episode of MasterChef on FOX on Wednesday night.  You can see the highlights of the interview that Nina did with WABI HERE.

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