This story will warm your heart!

A Brunswick woman, Debra McKenna, according to a report from the Bangor Daily News, was given a high school class ring from her boyfriend, Shawn, back in 1973.  She lost the ring soon after he gave it to her.  Debra remembers going in to a public bathroom and putting the ring down to wash her hands and walked off without putting it back on.

By the time she went back to the bathroom, it was gone, the news story stated, and it stayed gone for 47 years until just recently, it was found. In Finland.

A Finnish man using a metal detector dug it up and did some research to find the owner of the ring, according to the BDN. Since it was a class ring, it had the name of the school, the graduation year and Shawn McKenna's initials on the inside.

There was no way the ring belonged to anyone else.

Shawn passed away three years ago, the newspaper stated.  Debra had been married to him for over 40 years and she sees this return of Shawn's ring as a reminder to remember the times they had together.

Here's Debra in an interview conducted with an ABC affiliate:

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