The survivalist says “There is no help, no water, no food, no script, no nothing.” “It’s 100 percent real.”

A show titled Naked and Afraid is going to grab anyone's attention, and the hit show which airs on Discovery Channel has been raking in millions of viewers for years. Naked and Afraid challenges participants to survive for weeks in extreme wilderness situations. This is right up Ryan Holt's alley. He's already been on the program three times, where he has been on a number of adventures. From hunting alligators in the Everglades, to hanging out with lions in Africa, Holt has been on 12 episodes, according to Bangor Daily News.

Now, he's ready for what could be his toughest challenge yet. The Maine guide is getting his own 3 hour special. The cameras follow Holt as he hunts, builds a shelter and avoids the dangers of South Africa, according to Bangor Daily News. Of course, all alone, and completely nude.

The episode airs January 26th. As for the former Marine, Holt is keeping mum, telling Bangor Daily News “I can’t give too many spoilers,” but his fourth appearance will take his first three "to the next level."



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