It's interesting to dream now and again. Dream of owning stuff. Like, big stuff.

I'm not talking about owning a car or small home. I mean owning a state or country or a hell of a lot of land.

Those thoughts brought on this question:

Who owns the largest private piece of Maine?

So, I did some digging and found that The Irving Family are the largest private landowners in Maine!

World Population Review states that they own 1.25 million acres of our state. Why? Well, with good reason. They are a successful lumber company. They run the Irving Woodlands. They consider themselves, "stewards of the land."

In my humble opinion, owning 1.25 million acres of land in Maine would undoubtedly be a unique experience. The sheer magnitude of such an expansive property opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities that could make it an incredibly cool venture.

According to AZ Animals, The Irving Family has been stewarding since 1957, and they employ 1,500 people in Maine, Canada, and other parts of the United States.

The website states they work "to protect the plants, animals, and natural resources on their land."

Coming in hot at the number two spot is the Pingree Family, according to AZ Animals, owning a whopping 830,000 acres of land in Maine. The website states that the Pingree family heirs are among the nation’s top 10 largest landowners and they own the Seven Islands Land Company, which is timber management.

Suffice it to say, if you wanna own a lot of land in Maine, wood is a good idea. Start a timber or logging company and if you're any good at it, you'll make millions.

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