Here in NH, we love Adam Sandler more than the rest of the country.  Adam went to Central High School in Manchester and this weekend, in his acceptance speech for the Best Male Lead for UNCUT GEMS at the 35th Film Independent Spirit Awards, he mentions the high school guy who was voted, "Best Looking."  That guys name was Skipper Jenkins.  I'm sure there is no such person as Skipper Jenkins, however, it was great to remember that he was here during that part of his life.

You can see the whole acceptance speech here.  Before you do, however, there are many F-bombs, so if you're offended by that sort of thing, here's your warning.

I don't know why Hollywood doesn't like Adam Sandler.  He was snubbed by the Academy for this movie, which I thought he was brilliant in!  He shouldn't take it personally and I don't think he does.  Take a listen to this when the kids aren't around.  Adam is nothing but lovable and grateful.

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