I didn't think we'd be hearing about this for at least a month, but there has been a lot of 'greenery' taken in already from Massachusetts' legal weed sales.

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In just 5 days!

This WMUR-TV report has several shocking totals when it comes to the cash that's 'rolling' into the western part of the Commonwealth.

Not only was there almost 2 and a quarter million in just five days (that's over 18 thousand dollars PER HOUR), but that equals over $375,000 in tax revenue ALREADY?

Despite the warnings from many, I haven't yet heard of any wild groups of unhinged criminals raving madly through The Bay State under the evil spell of 'Reefer Madness'.

Huh? I thought for sure this would be the end of the world!

I have to think that to a certain extent, after the novelty wears away, the numbers will as well.

However, I NEVER thought it'd be this big of a weed windfall. 2.2 MILLION?!?!!??!

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