Massachusetts is the best state for women, according to a report from WHDH, with good marks for safety and health.

The report cites WalletHub who did the report in honor of Women's History Month to find out what states are the most women friendly.  They found that Massachusetts has the lowest unemployment rate for women, the lowest female uninsured rate and the best women's preventative healthcare.  Maine ranked #4 and New Hampshire ranked #13 based upon the same things.

Those findings are great to have and I am happy that I live in the Northeast.  However, I often think about the pay gap between men and women that still exists today.  I haven't checked the status recently, but I recall some facts a few years ago that said women are paid about .75 cents to every 1.00 that a man gets paid.  On top of all that, I know many women that work as if they have something to prove.  Maybe it's a generational thing for women my age and maybe it will fade as time goes on.  One can only hope.




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