You guys, it's officially official. Yesterday (yes, on Star Wars Day) I watched my very first Star Wars movie. And, at least according to Google, I did it the right way.

For years I have been talking on the Moose Morning Show about how I have never in my life seen a Star Wars film. And, to be completely honest, I never really had a burning desire to do so. However, with yesterday being Star Wars Day and because we now have Disney+, I figured I would give it a try.

I'm going to try and watch all of them, but I'm doing it in the way that George Lucas originally intended- by order of theatrical release. Yesterday I watched Epidove IV; A New Hope. From there I will go to episode V, then VI. After those three I will backtrack (even though they're NEWER films) to Episode I, then II, then III. Following those I'll jump back up to VII, VIII and finally IX. At some point I'll fit in Rogue One and Solo, too.

Now, as far as the one I watched yesterday goes... it was okay. I think what got me the most was that it was from 1977 and the special effects and graphics were incredibly lackluster. I know they'll only get better with each film because I'm watching them by theatrical release.

Honestly, this first movie I was trying to learn who each important character was and what their story is. It was hard to keep up with everything! But, at the end of the day, I can say that I HAVE actually seen a Star Wars movie. That's kinda neat.

Now, onto The Empire Strikes Back!


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