We're all aware of just how bad this tick season already is and we're not even halfway through May yet. For us, last year wasn't even as close to as bad for ticks as this Spring has already been.

A lot of how bad the 'tick season' is has to do with the winter we just came out of. Sadly (or not so sadly), we didn't see tons of snow and the temps were all over the place the last few months. Add on to that the fact that spring definitely 'came early' this year and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster when it comes to the number of ticks that emerged in April.

We've already taken dozens off of our clothes and the dog just from hanging out in the yard for short periods of time. Last week there was one embedded in the back of our son Gavin's head! Fortunately it wasn't engorged yet and it was a dog tick, not the Lyme disease carrying deer tick.

However yesterday I saw something I have never seen before. The ticks are getting so bold (desperate?) that they're literally climbing up the side of my house. I had taken Gavin to the bathroom yesterday afternoon and I noticed something peculiar on the outside of my bathroom window screen. Sure enough, it was a dog tick!

I couldn't believe that these useless little things were actually climbing up the side of my house to the second story. Just be aware that they will literally do anything to get to you, and even if you weren't on a lawn or in the woods, you should ALWAYS check yourself when you come in from doing anything outside... these things are ruthless this year! We're definitely going to get our yard sprayed.

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