Last night, I had the pleasure of delivering the ULTIMATE BOSTON SPORTS FAN GAME ROOM to the winner, Claire Gurley of Raymond, NH!

Claire and her boyfriend, Rich were over the moon about winning this incredible prize package.

Clare - Rich - Raymond NH

Rich, who is a foreman for the Town of Raymond Transportation Department and a big Bruins fan, had to use his muscles last night to get all the prizes in to his pick up, including a brand new 65" TV, a portable drive-in and a bluetooth soundbar!

Claire is a licensed nurses aid, so she's a GIVER!  It's wonderful to know that this time, she gets to RECEIVE!

Claire is also a NINJA at entering for prizes on the APP.  This contest was one of those prizes where you could only enter through the app, so... I don't like to tell you what to do or anything, but I would strongly suggest that you download our free app today.  This is not going to be the last incredible prize that you could win!

If you haven't downloaded the app yet, just click here.

Claire and Rich said that I could come over after this is all set up.  I am really looking forward to that!  They also said that I could go camping with them!  They both reassured me it was more like "glamping," which was music to my ears.  As much as I love Nature, I don't like sleeping on a tree root or being potential dinner entree for Bears.

Have fun with your new stuff, Claire and Rich and I'll see you soon

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