Unfortunately, nobody ever wins this battle. On Summer Street in Rochester, it's only a victory if there are no injuries and thankfully, this time, no one was hurt.

Rochester Police Department Official Website
Rochester Police Department Official Website

On June 10, a Mercedes was stopped on the railroad crossing past the white line and as the train approached it made contact with the car's front side, according to the Rochester Police.

This track runs just a few yards away from where I live, so I am well aware of the white lines that indicate where you are supposed to stop.

They are not just a suggestion.

In addition to that, each railroad crossing is also equipped with a large steel overhang with blinking red lights to warn you that a large locomotive is approaching. I can count 10 of these lights just from looking at the photo above.

Also, the engineers are very helpful in sounding their earsplitting and earth shaking horn which I swear can be heard from over a mile away.

Still though, about every year, someone manages to overlook and ignore all the warnings and we wind up with another choo choo boo boo on Summer Street.

Here is the full report and message from The Rochester Police.

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