How do you make a wonderful day at Merrymeeting Lake in New Durham even more wonderful? With Ice Cream! And Donuts! And Hot Dogs!

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There I was, inside of my Uncle and Aunt's beautiful new addition to their lake house observing the sunshine dancing on the crystal clear water, enjoying the cool breeze of the lake and then it hit me.

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The familiar electronic beeping of Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer'. Every ice cream truck for the past 25 years has played that tune?! Why am I hearing it from the water?

Aha! That is none other than Gus Schoenbucher of MerryMeeting Lake Eats n' Treats.

I thought for a brief fleeting moment I had 'The Scoop' on a Granite State entrepreneur but this kid has been providing dock side goodies for the past 3 years (since the ripe old age of eleven!)

My favorite part of this WMUR-TV report is when Gus attained a food service license because some troll had complained. Way to go Gus!