I didn't think it was possible to hit this kind of gigantic jackpot on a scratch ticket but according to 7 News Boston, a guy from The Bay State just did, AND it was the cash option?! And yes, there's another winning ticket out there that hasn't been purchased.

How to Win Cash

9.75 Million Dollars

This is the amount that a gentleman from Newton chose when he won the 15 Million Dollar Grand Prize of the 200X Spectacular scratch ticket game courtesy of The Mass Lottery.

You can also select the annual payout of $750,000 a year for 20 years. The man, who is only identified as "Bascom", decided to take the nearly 10 million in one lump sum.

I would NEVER go with the cash option unless I was 75 years old.

A cool '750 K' would certainly satisfy my financial appetite and if I happen to REALLY go overboard in Vegas? There will always be another three quarters of a million to bail me out in just a few months!

Congrats Bascom!

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