Maybe the one thing we miss more than live concerts....and going to bars....and watching and going to sports games. Watching the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics ia a part of our everyday lives around here. Even just having a Sox game on in the background at home is a ritual. To confess to you,  I've actually put on old Red Sox games of late and just had the sound on in the background. Try it. It works and scratches that sports itch a little. Now, if you need more than a scratch we have this epic video for you. It celebrates every Boston sports team championship since 2000. And all compressed into 6 minutes. In case you lost count...which is easy because all we do is win around here, it's 6 Super Bowls. 4 World Series. 1 Stanley Cup. 1 NBA Title. For 12 total championships. Oh, how sweet it is!



Which victory is the sweetest for you? I'm going with the first Sox World Series win (wow, that was exhausting), and the Patriots comeback against the Falcons (wow, that was equally exhausting).

A Look Back at Tom Brady's Six Super Bowl Wins

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