After going missing last week, the iconic marker has returned, and will receive 'touch up.'

A local scare is over. According to the Portland Press Herald,  the “Welcome to Kennebunkport” sign that went missing last week has been found, after a tip to the department. Police Chief Craig Sanford said they received an anonymous tip over the weekend that led officers to the sign behind a local building at noon on Sunday. Presently, no one has been charged as they department will continue to investigate.

The community is using the theft scare, and ultimate return as a positive. If the situation hadn't happened, who knows how long the sign would've stayed up without maintenance. Now that authorities have seen it up close, a 'touch up' is now in order. “While it’s down, we’ll do some refreshing,” Craig told the Portland Press Herald.

The sign is right in the middle of tourist central, with the bridge and nearby clam hut a popular photo destination.



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