Even though the Red Sox have been putrid, having a ballgame to watch lately has been wonderful. So, I'm glad MLB is trying to ratchet up the safety for their players, but this new rule is just plain weird.

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
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 Each team will make at least one private large room at the hotel with food and other amenities that is configured to allow for social distancing.


Yet, while eating and drinking, individuals are discouraged from talking to one another, or even facing one another.


Eating and drinking are still permitted on planes, but players and staff are prohibited from talking to one another at the same time. - MLB's New Safety Protocols

Thankfully, after a rough start to the season that saw 3 Major League teams with COVID outbreaks, things appear to be improving.

If you watch the games, you can still see a lot of unmasked ballplayers talking to each other in the dugout with a complete lack of social distancing and that is with a million plus viewers watching. I can't imagine that these dinner rules are going to be followed too closely while away from the TV cameras.

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