Yes folks, this proves that with a little determination, dreams really do come true. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to gaze upon this magnificent free sandwich.

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Yes! That is an entire Moe's Italian whole sandwich with no onions.

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And it was absolutely free! One of the cool aspects of this program is that you have 30 days to cash it in. Since I go to the Dover location once or twice a week, this was not a problem for me whatsoever.

I have now utilized my 'Loyalty Points' for a free soda, a bag of chips and now a free whole original.

My next goal will be quite a challenge, I now will set out to acquire FIFTY loyalty points and cash those in for a very rare Moe's T-Shirt.

It'll be a long and difficult journey, but one I plan to achieve through patience and sacrifice. Please send me your most heartfelt positive vibes.