It's National Wildlife Day today, so it's twice as sad to hear the news of the moose that drowned in Lake Champlain in South Hero, Vermont, on Saturday because people were surrounding it taking pictures.  (The moose pictured is not the one that died, by the way....)

According to the story from the New York Post, the moose swam from New York to South Hero, Vermont, and when the moose made it onto land, a crowd of people surrounded the poor thing and started taking pictures.

The moose reportedly felt threatened and went back in to the water, eventually gave in to exhaustion and drowned.  Ugh.

Moose respond to threats by either leaving a situation or becoming aggressive, and I guess there must have been too many people for the thing to become aggressive, so it chose to go back in the water.  High wind was also a factor and man, I can attest to that.  It was SO windy!

This is me, on Saturday, in front of Lake Champlain.  I happened to be there at the same time that this moose was struggling for it's life.  I hate that I was taking silly selfies and not looking around at this incredibly beautiful area of New England.


I know that I've learned a lesson here.  If I'm ever in front of a moose, I'm the one who's going to back away AND, the next time I'm in Lake Champlain, I'm definitely NOT taking pictures of my own silly face.


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