*Winning not necessarily guaranteed. 31 NH towns will be voting for Keno 603 at their local restaurants and taverns. Playing is easy! I'll tell you how.

Scott Gilman - Photo Credit
Scott Gilman - Photo Credit

How much do $ you want to play?

If you're like me, you prefer a nice low risk and high reward game and it only costs a dollar to play a game of Keno 603. Sure, you can choose to play a higher denomination ticket, but a buck will do!

How much do you want to win?

In my humble opinion, the lowest 'exciting' payout is the 3 number game. Pick three numbers (Out of 80), 20 numbers are selected as winners, if you match all 3?

You win $30!

Again, for just a dollar!

What do I suggest you play?

Play a 9 Spot Game. You'll have better odds of winning than an 8 spot or a 10 spot AND if you hit all nine numbers? You win FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

How easy is it to learn?

You fill out a simple card and the automated machines print it right out. Put your cash in first, then the card and your ticket is printed instantly.

And if you have any problems or questions, the employees and patrons are always very helpful with any inquiry you may have.

Go hit for a fortune!

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