Patriots are on their bye week so let's spend time reliving some of the highlights from last week's stomping of the Denver Broncos...with a mic'd up Tom Brady.

In this first clip, Brady talks about the game conditions (weather), and then he throws a bullet to Edelman for a TD. Argument over who should spike the ball rages on.

The next clip is Edelman's punt return for a TD. Brady, starting from the sidelines, screams like a little kid on a roller coaster on his way to greet Edelman in the end zone. Afterwards we're treated to an ultimate bromance on the the bench.

Don't let anyone tell you that this guy doesn't have fun out there. He's 37 years old and celebrating like it's his first game.

"Let's go put the nail in the coffin", Brady says in the huddle. And did they ever. Here is one of the greatest catches Brady has ever seen! Even asking Gronk afterwards, "how the f*** did you catch that?!?".

8 minute version:

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