Now this does not sound good. According to The Boston Globe, the Revere plant that manufactures Necco Wafers has been resold (yet again) and abruptly shut down.

Train Images
Train Images

According to this Katheleen Conti article, the company that bought Necco at auction 2 months ago 'Round Hill Investments LLC', has resold it to another candy manufacturer that is 'yet to be announced'.

Scarier than that, they IMMEDIATELY stopped the production of their (in my humble opinion) delicious products.

Not only does this place make Necco Wafers, it also makes Clark Bars! One of my Top 3 favorite candy bars of all time.

Additionally, they produce SweetHeart conversation hearts. Do you want to live in a world where February 14th comes and goes WITHOUT conversation hearts? Talk about heart stopping news!

This whole ordeal has been like a nightmarish board game jamboree, part Candy Land, part Monopoly and part Chutes and Ladders. Buyouts, high hopes, pitfalls all amidst piles of delicious candy.

I'll be monitoring this story at the edge of my seat as it continues to unfold.

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