Leave it to Google to call us all out when it comes to grammar and spelling.  I love when these Google trends come out, because we can compare ourselves to not only other New England states, but the country, and hopefully feel smarter than everyone else. Well, maybe.

Let's be honest, judging other states, whether we laugh at them or are impressed, is kind of a thing after Google dropped these analytics.

A map recently published by Google Trends decided to let all of us know what words we have trouble spelling so far for 2022.  Okay, here we go for New England.

Maine residents have the most trouble spelling the word "actively."  16 other states included words that involved 7-8 letters.  The "e" throws Mainers, so googling is a nice double-check there.

New Hampshire's most Googled 'how to spell' word is "their."  That's okay, I think.  While some Granite Staters may be double-checking the 'i before e' situation, there's also "they're" and "there" possibly involved with this search.  10 other states were in the spelling search for words with 5-6 letters.

If you live in Massachusetts, most of you googled the spelling of "picture", placing it in the 7-8 letters range with Maine and 15 other states.  Ivy League central is surprising me a bit with that word, but okay.

Vermont residents googled the spelling of "gray."  That's totally interesting because the color is spelled both ways, actually.  Spelling it with an "e" is the British way, while the "a" is the Americanized way.  Only two other states are in the 4-letter range.

In Rhode Island, the most searched the spelling of " months" more than any other word.  That's in the 5-6 letter range with New Hampshire and 8 other states.

In Connecticut, making the 7-8 letter range is the word "schedule."  Again, landing in the largest group of wanting help in spelling words with 7-8 letters.


Here's the full map of the country.

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