Spellcheck and emojis are making us stupid. Why learn to spell correctly when your office software does it for you? Or these days, you can use an emoji instead of the actual word. And when we text, most of us use acronyms and Internet slang. A combination of all of these factors is creating a spelling pandemic.

Google put together a list of "America's Most Misspelled Words." Let's look at the New England states specifically:

Maine: Pneumonia
New Hampshire: Diarrhea
Vermont: Europe
Massachusetts: License
Connecticut: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Rhode Island: Liar

If you think this is embarrassing (with the exception of Connecticut... Not many people can spell THAT word), people in South Dakota should be ashamed. Their most commonly misspelled word is "college." Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, the most commonly misspelled word is "Wisconsin." D'OH!

How many of these words can you spell?

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