When the term "power" crosses your mind, what immediately pops into your head? Is it money, wealth, popularity, or fame? Do certain people come to your mind or is it an institution?

When you think of powerful people you may think of leaders, politicians, business owners, media figures, civic leaders and so on but I wanted to dive in even deeper. Find other individuals that don't have massive net worth but huge hearts that make a difference every day in Maine.

A few people on the list may also not live year-round in Maine and some you may have never heard of. But I believe that they are noteworthy from big names to those of us who don't care if their names are heard at all.. these are my picks!

Now, don't get me wrong – my mom, the maestro behind my existence and flourishing, easily holds the title of "Most Powerful Person in My World" but she'll have to be on the next list.

Influence is like that one friend who always knows where the best booze are hidden at a party and only shares that with you. It's trust. And not just the "Sure, I trust you with my Netflix password" kind of trust, but the kind where people go, "Hey, you said it, I believe it, let's go."

Maine is filled with powerful and influential individuals that have put blood, sweat, and tears in their area of expertise.

Being the curious soul that I am, I embarked on a quest like Frodo to unravel some of Maine's most power players. I am currently watching the Showtime Series, "Billions" so I am thinking that has something to do with this question.

Among the familiar faces like McDreamy a.k.a. Patrick DempseyStephen King, and the governor herself, Janet Mills, I uncovered some unsung heroes too. Those of which I had never heard of but are certainly among some of the most powerful peeps in Maine.

These unsung bosses are tugging at the strings of progress in Maine. For example, meet Kate Braestrup. She is the Chaplain to the Maine Warden Service. She serves fearlessly and has even done a Ted Talk. She has gone through a lot of adversity in her life and has taken all of that pain and channeled it into beauty to share with the state.

Let's dive into 15 of the most powerful people in Maine.

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