The cakes!!  OH, the CAKES!  What will I do without them?!!

Portland, Maine is a foodie town, there's no way around it.

When I lived there, I gained 30 pounds because of it, and one of my favorite restaurants in Portland was Silly's on Washington Avenue.

They had incredibly delicious food, a great selection of wine and most of all, the most delicious cakes I found in the entire city.

I chose to go to Silly's for my birthday over any restaurant in Portland and that's saying something.  It was not overpriced, great food and a "silly" atmosphere.  They had everything for every taste - whether you were a vegetarian or meat-eater, Silly's had something delicious on the menu for you.  Perfect for your girl, here.

It does pain me to see it go, however, according to their Facebook page, the owners Colleen and Shelley have good reason why it's time for them to leave.

Here's some of the statement Colleen put out:

I don't want anything but wonderful things for Portland, Maine I have enjoyed many years here. However, I am a fat woman who serves fat, over-portioned food and I won't charge 24.00 dollars for 4 oz of dip and some pita bread served by a person that said to me take your time, I get paid by the hour. I want to make all my own food, not be a part of a restaurant group and serve whatever a portion I want to for a decent price with people who want to do the same. I can't do that in my current before I loose the business, I am going to bow out gracefully of the new hipster artisan Washington avenue that I really don't fit into anymore and spend my time taking care of my father.

We will miss your food, your atmosphere and your cakes, but family is family and you have to do what you feel is the best for you.

All the best, Silly's!  You will be missed!!

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