As The Shark's foremost authority on all things Las Vegas, I can attest that I have heard stories from the locals of abandoned rabbits running in the streets of Sin City but I never saw one until now. Some of them are in Bedford NH!

This WMUR-TV report confirms that what I thought was a myth is reality!

On a couple different occasions, fellow gamblers would talk about herds of vicious bunny rabbits that terrorized the downtown area after being abandoned around ten years ago.

As you can plainly see from the footage above, these are just normal cute bunnies and NOT evil carnivorous monsters gnashing their gigantic fangs. That was all an urban legend.

I have to think that these stories must have come from people who have encountered black tail jackrabbits that are also native to this area.

While not dangerous, they are quite a bit larger and make a scary thrashing sound when startled.

I'm happy that these 'mythical' bunnies will be available to adopt soon at The Animal Rescue League.

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