Need a job?  How about walking the beach?

York wants to hire highly visible town employees to provide "visitor-friendly communication," according to a story from Seacoast online.  

On Monday night, the report says, the Board of Selectmen in York authorized a plan to hire people to take the pressure off life guards and police to help with crowd control and social distancing at it's town beaches and Mount Agamenticus

The report cites Stephen Burns, Town Manager, talking about the need for someone between the lifeguards and the police:

You need somebody in an in-between position whose job is to encourage and educate and remind about social distancing and proper protocol.



You're not going to get rich doing the job, the Town hopes to hire 10 people at an estimated cost of $50,000 for the summer.  Then, I'm assuming, there's no promise to keep working for the town after the Summer is over.

What a great gig that would be!  Another assumption on my part, but here's how I see that gig if I got it:  I'd be able to wear a cute little summer outfit, slather on the tanning lotion on every part of my Irish skin, and say hello to people all day.  Maybe direct them to where they want to go or maybe remind them to please stay 6 feet apart from each other.  The latter might be really hard for me, I must admit.  I am a hugger, so encouraging people to stay away from each other would be challenging for me.  I better just stay here and play Foreigner and Cyndi Lauper.

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