Tom Caron threw us for a loop this morning with a rebuke to one of the most beloved athletes in Boston Sports History! None other that David Ortiz. What is TC's beef with Big Papi?

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I'm not crazy about those comments because without the so-called 'snitch' none of this would have ever come out to the public.


I get what he's saying about keeping this in house, but I'm telling ya, baseball no longer wants this swept under the rug, I think what he (Fiers) did was courageous because they have to clean this up.- Tom Caron on David Ortiz' "Snitch" Comments

It has been argued that the most influential element in the cause of 4 hour baseball games is due to the stealing of pitch signs.

Pitchers and catchers spend MINUTES reversing and resetting signals for off speed pitches because if a great hitter (like Ortiz) KNOWS what pitch is coming? That ball will end up in bouncing off the John Hancock Building.

I actually agree with TC because a baseball game with a brisk pace (2 and a half hours or less) is vastly superior to the 5 hour snooze fests that have become the norm.