Red Sox Manager Alex Cora turned some heads yesterday when he announced that David Price will be starting Game 2 for the Red Sox Sunday Night. Tom Caron tells us why on today's edition of our Red Sox Insider.

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox
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"When you pay a guy 32 Million Dollars a year to do a job, you better give him every opportunity to do that job"- Tom Caron

In his previous 10 post season starts, David Price has not 'done that job', and that is the 32 Million Dollar question that needs answering.

Mr. Caron also points out that David Price's numbers against the Astros are exponentially better that his VS. The Evil Empire and this is another valid assertion.

I loved today's interview because you can still hear the unbridled joy in all of our voices even though it has been over a day and a half since the Sox eliminated the Yanks from the 2018 ALDS. This is the kind of happiness that is everlasting for any New Englander.

Thanks to T.C. for another excellent Insider Report and for Service Credit Union for making it happen!



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