Usually our Boston Sports Insider is supplying us with scorching hot info that you can only get from someone behind the scenes. Today, we supplied him with a positive viewpoint on a dreary fact that had him down in the dumps.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
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Yesterday would have been Opening Day at Fenway Park.

To me, the Fenway Park opener is like Christmas Day, to me, it's the start of baseball at Fenway and it's that summer is coming and everybody is out having fun.

That was a tough day yesterday. - Tom Caron

At this point Sarah and I rush in with the sunshine and happiness one has come to expect while listening to The Shark Morning Show.

There's a good chance that the Fenway Opener will still happen and when it does?

It will actually be warm out!

Seriously, can you imagine a game being played yesterday? 44 degrees and driving rain? It would have been two rain delays followed by a postponement and that is something that is nowhere near as likely in August.

TC agreed with us and all was right with the world!

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