Our Red Sox Insider Tom Caron had no idea what he was walking into this morning as celebrity guest Shark Morning Show co-host Cheryl had many questions about his fashion choices.

Can you even imagine getting your entire wardrobe provided by Joseph Abboud? I don't mean Joseph Abboud 'The Menswear', I mean Joseph Abboud, the actual world renowned designer?

Whenever I buy a new 8 pack of Hanes socks at Target, I feel like I'm walking on sunshine. I can't even fathom getting the finest custom suits every year. That must be so cool!

Additionally, I did manage to get some good baseball talk in with TC and I was happy with the information he provided on the new pitching rules.

The new requirement of each hurler facing a mandatory three batters will cut down greatly on pitching changes, which is something that has been one of the major causes of  3 hour (plus) games for over a decade.

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