Hundreds of thousands of dollars and Championship rings, those are the hot seat topics on this episode of The Sports Insider and TC answers every question!

Boston Red Sox Victory Parade
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The $400,000 Question

Big news from The Boston Red Sox this week as they voted for shares of the substantial World Series prize money that members of the team and staff will get.

Does TC see any of that action?

"NO! I'm not seeing a cent! Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" - Tom Caron

However! I asked if he gets a Championship ring and the answer was remarkable!

"Yes, Yeah I do. It's pretty amazing. Until '04, we didn't have a safe in the house but we had to get a safe to protect these things" - Tom Caron

Sarah has made TC promise to open that safe and send us a picture of all three beautiful blings once he gets back home and I'm checking our email every few minutes waiting for it!

TC will get Ring Number 4 in April when the Red Sox have their Season Home Opener.


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