Once again our Boston Sports Insider presented us with an angle on the current difficulties that the Celts have endured since they've faced off against Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Three
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The term bubble fatigue has become part of our sports lexicon and I think it's REAL.


Guys have been down there for so long together. Screaming at each other in the locker room and throwing chairs at each other.


I think they've had enough of each other.


We said that with the Red Sox, all of that is great when you're winning. But when you're losing? It's like, "What the HELL are we doing here?, let's get out of here!"


- Tom Caron

When I think of The Boston Celtics being down 3 games to 1 in the Eastern Championship Finals, I think of the 1981 series in which the Celts had an epic comeback to beat Dr. J and The Philadelphia 76ers.

Being a fan of The Celtics is unlike any other franchise of New England's 'Big Four' because they've had so much success. Even TB12's six rings pale in comparison to the story book of 17 Celtics Championships.

No matter how dire the circumstances, no matter how bad they're playing, there is always a rich history of dramatic victories to harken back upon.

What I didn't factor in here, as TC cleverly points out, is bubble fatigue. They're been sequestered in a hotel for almost 3 months.

That's longer than any summer vaca we had as school kids!

I hope my 'glass is half full' of shamrocks and good defense tonight in Game 5, but TC's bubble theory might ultimately pop the bubble that held a dream of meeting Lebron in The NBA FInals.

Please Celtics, don't let that happen!


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